Thursday, November 30, 2023

Unbelievable! Paanie shot with ‘eyes closed’ during a sandstorm

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Budding artist Paanie Kashyap, who is all set to make her debut into the filmy world, gets candid with The Pioneer, sharing some interesting and some implausible insights.


Actress Paanie Kashyap is making her debut opposite maestro Hariharan’s son Karan, with many critically acclaimed fans and celebrities already rooting for this new pair. Her debut film as an actress will always remain special! Being an entertainment enthusiast, it so happened, we ASAP interacted with the maiden actress coming clean about everything that she’s prepping for.

Suppose that, “Sapne bhi sach hote hai. I was already prepared to make my debut in a romantic movie! I am ultra-romantic, at heart.” Basically, Paanie wanted those heart-stopping romantic kisses to be her first. So that when we really want something that hits deep into the soul, it should be time to reach for her debut movie. Interesting!

A heartwarming romantic story between Karan Hariharan and Paanie Kashyap, who are in love. Their bond grows stronger as they navigate the highs and lows of life, and they discover the power of true love and the magic of music. The movie depicts their emotional rollercoaster, and the obstacles they overcome in order to be together. In continuation, the actress blows the gaff, “I have seen a lot of girls around me who really don’t know what’s stirring inside their hearts. It’s only later on when the realisation hits them. All of us are socially conditioned in a way that we are busy emulating what others are doing. So is my character in the movie. The relativity factor comes in when she does what she wants on her own terms, regardless of circumstances. I am this in real life. Be demystified by the trailer!”

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan unveiled the trailer of Pyaar Hai To Hai. And what happens next is, “As the film is inching closer, I am at a loss of words. Doing emotional scenes was a tad bit onerous for me. As soon as the director went cut — I was feeling burdened. No idea why. It took me an internal process to get out of the zone.” The actress also recalled when a sandstorm hit the filming team while shooting the dance sequence at midnight. “It was also the day of “surya grahan.” We couldn’t see shit. We started to feel cold. What we did was unbelievable. We literally closed our eyes, and with the help of judgements performed the sequence and it’s true. We were wrapped in blankets after cut, and were given cues to perform with our eyes closed,” added Paanie.

Giving us an overview, she said, “Entering the industry is a responsibility. I underwent a lot of disappointments also before I could sign this film. It wasn’t so easy. Many girls from middle-class families will actually relate to me.” Paanie Kashyap gained recognition for her role in the popular drama Ashadh Ka Ek Din. Her portrayal of Ruby in the short film Dwand directed by Sanjeev Kumar, left a lasting impact too.

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