Wednesday, April 24, 2024

‘Unhygienic food served in varsity hostels’

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Students from Nizam College and Malla Reddy University accused the Telangana government of not caring to solve their problems despite their protests against the supply of unhygienic food by various university hostels. The administration did nothing to address this serious problem, they alleged.
The students of both Malla Reddy University and Nizam College protested at their respective premises on Tuesday. They also stated that it’s shocking to witness the idleness of the government towards this grave issue faced by students of various colleges across the State. One of the ABVP members at Nizam College questioned, “What the new government is doing now after coming to power? Why the government is numb in the case of education-related issues and why it’s not taking appropriate action on the funds?” “The government needs to respond to our grievances by ending this long plight of ours,” they demanded.

Praveen, an engineering student at Malla Reddy University said, “We have been facing this issue for months. The food served by the hostels is very pathetic. We find insects, worms and glass pieces in the food they serve. When asked, the authorities give some reason or other like lack of funds, but they don’t solve the issue.”
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