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Uorfi Javed is feeling suicidal

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Uorfi Javed is a well-known internet sensation who is known for her outstanding dressing sense and fashion statement. From making a dress of nails to wrapping up her body with tape, she has done it all. But parallel to this, she is also known for speaking her mind and never shies to share her opinion on what she feels is right.  

Recently, Chitra Wagh a politician from BJP filed a case against Uorfi Javed for roaming the streets of Mumbai wearing revealing outfits. Chitra Wagh also petitioned that Uorfi Javed be stopped from openly displaying the female body.Also, shared Uorfi’s video in a black cropped top on Twitter accusing the actress.

Well, Uorfi Javed wasted no time and lashed out at Chitra on Instagram story, She said, “She is the same lady who was shouting for SANJAY RATHODS arrest when she was in NCP, then her husband was caught taking bribe, to save her husband she joined BJP and uske baad Sanjay or Chitra kaafi achhe dost ban gye. Mai bhi Bas BJP join karne ki wali hu. Then we will be best of friends🥰”

She continued, “I know it’s quite dangerous uploading stuff against POLITICIANS, but then these people are making me suicidal anyways so either I kill myself or say my mind and get killed by them 🙂 But again hi, I didn’t start this, I never did anything wrong to anyone. They are coming at me for no fucking reason.”

However, it seems like Uorfi Javed does get affected by the negativity she has to face everyday for just being herself, but the actress prefers to remain strong. Post this incident she shared yet another video of her in an outfit made out of small bangles this step resembles that she’s unstoppable and no one can stop her from wearing the outfits of her choice.

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