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Uphold alliance ‘dharma’, Pawan exhorts cadre

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Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has stressed the need to uphold the principles of alliance cooperation and strive collectively for the success of alliance candidates. “In the spirit of our alliance, let us commit ourselves to its principles and work tirelessly for the victory of our alliance partners,” stated Pawan Kalyan.
Addressing the party workers at the Jana Sena State office in Mangalagiri on Wednesday, he expressed satisfaction with the adherence to alliance principles among Jana Sena members, Kalyan stressed the need for all three parties to progress harmoniously, devoid of errors or shortcomings.
He underscored the rationale behind allying, emphasizing its objective of securing a prosperous future for Andhra Pradesh. Stressing the significance of the JSP’s contribution to the alliance’s objectives of restoring law and order, protecting citizens, and fostering state progress, Kalyan reiterated his long-standing call for adhering to alliance principles.
Warning against any attempts by party members to exploit the alliance for personal political gain, Kalyan affirmed his readiness to take strict action. He clarified that the Party Affairs Central Committee continuously monitors adherence to alliance principles among party leaders.
Subsequently, addressing Jana Sena’s women leaders, Kalyan assured them of the party’s recognition of their contributions. He applauded their frontline role in various struggles and reiterated the party’s commitment to supporting women leaders irrespective of caste, religion, or regional affiliations.
In an interesting turn of events, Telugu Desam Party leader and Ongole MP Magunta Srinivasulu Reddy visited Pawan Kalyan at the state office on Wednesday. BJP’s Tirupati LS candidate Vara Prasad also paid a visit to Kalyan.

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