Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Vidyut Jammwal and Nora Fatehi shoot for a week-long schedule for their actioner ‘Crakk’

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Shooting ‘Crakk’ Vidyut Jammwal’s highly anticipated second production, in the picturesque city of Baku, Azerbaijan, was nothing short of exhilarating for the team. The thriving metropolis, with its stunning blend of modernity and history, provided the perfect backdrop for this action-packed drama.Baku, with its breathtaking skyline of futuristic skyscrapers juxtaposed against ancient, ornate architecture, became an integral part of the film’s narrative.

The city’s diverse landscapes, from the bustling streets of the Old Town to the serene shores of the Caspian Sea, added depth and character to every frame.Nora Fatehi and Vidyut Jammwal’s chemistry sizzled on-screen as they performed some of the film’s key sequences there.

Talking about it, producer and leading man Vidyut says, ” believe that action is not just about performing stunts; it’s about conveying emotion through your body language. It’s about telling a story with every punch, kick, and movement. Action, to me, is an art form, and I’m passionate about mastering it. Baku isn’t just a location; it’s a character in itself, a dynamic and integral part of the narrative that ensures the film will be an unforgettable visual treat for audiences worldwide.”

The city’s vibrant culture and warm hospitality left an indelible mark on the cast and crew, making their week-long shoot an unforgettable experience. Adding to the excitement, the inclusion of Arjun Rampal in the cast only elevated the film’s intrigue and anticipation. “Crakk” promises to deliver not only heart-pounding action sequences but also a captivating storyline.

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