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Voting an uphill task for senior citizens First-time voters exercise franchise enthusiastically

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First-time voters expressed their enthusiasm in casting their votes on the polling day. Though many of them were still pondering over ‘the right leader’, they were excited to cast their vote to showcase their responsibility to the State.
Ajit, a first-time voter from Jubilee Hills said, “This is the first time I am voting. It feels good to take a big decision.”
Ahmed, a final year B.Com student said, “I was looking forward to this day; there is a lot to be done. It’s a big responsibility, especially for first-time voters like me.”
Gautam, a BBA second-year student said, “There is so much of excitement and a sense of responsibility; I hope the vote counts.”
V Srija, a degree student from Ibrahimpatnam said, “I am very glad to cast my vote. I voted for KCR as he has introduced many innovative schemes for the State.”
D Lalitha, an engineering student from Manneguda, said, “The voting process went off well. The officials guided us on how to vote. The services offered by the officials at the polling centres were good.”
Meanwhile, senior citizens found it difficult to cast their vote. Many complained of lack of support from the authorities.
Ghulam Ahmed from the Jubilee Hills said, “I waited in the queue for half-an-hour and now they say I can’t cast vote using the digital voter ID. They are asking for the physical one which will take a lot of time for me to bring.”
Ayesha Bee, also from the same constituency, said, “There is no proper arrangement for senior citizens to sit and there is a long queue. There are many others like me who are yet to come to the polling station.”
Jibran Siddiqui from Rajendranagar said, “No officials visited us in the buildup to the elections and today I found that my name is not in the voters list.”
Venkat Reddy from Turkayamjal said, “Drinking water and chairs are less. It took half-an-hour for me to vote. Moreover, all my family members are from the same constituency, but in different centres.”
Dayaker Reddy from Manndeguda said, “I have been waiting for two hours in a long queue. No chairs and drinking water facilities are provided to me.  It’s a bit frustrating to wait for hours.”

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