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Weavers protest by begging in streets

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The powerloom workers demand that the State government release dues immediately

PNS n sircilla

Weavers here staged a protest by begging in the streets of textile town of Sircilla here on Wednesday.
The weavers, affiliated to the CITU, resorted to the novel protest to highlight their “plight.”
Powerloom workers’ union Siricilla district secretary Kodam Ramana said that the weavers were forced to take to the streets because of closure of powerloom units for the past three months.
On a number of occasions, memoranda were submitted to Ministers and MLAs seeking resolution of their problem, but in vain, he said, alleging that the government has been causing problems to powerloom owners by not releasing the pending dues to the tune of Rs 290 crore.  The weavers have been starving for want of work, he pointed out.

He appealed to the state government to show mercy on weavers. He demanded payout of Rs 10,000 towards compensation to each weaver.
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