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Raghunandan Rao alleges KCR govt tapped phones of judges

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Former BJP MLA M Raghunandan Rao alleged that the previous BRS government also tapped the phones of the High Court judges. Raghunandan Rao said that there is a need to inform the Supreme Court Chief justice DY Chandrachud.
Speaking to the media after submitting a complaint with the DGP on Wednesday, Raghunandan Rao demanded the DGP to conduct a phone-tapping case impartially or else he will approach the High Court. He alleged that the phone-tapping took place in a manner to extend help to AP Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and Karnataka former CM Kumaraswamy. He demanded that the government include the names of former CM KCR and former Minister T Harish Rao and MLC C Venkatrami Reddy in the case.
On the other hand, Congress MLA from Mahabubnagar Yennam Srinivas Reddy alleged that former Intelligence chief Prabhakar Rao tapped the phones of the opposition leaders during BRS government following the directions of the former CM KCR. Srinivas Reddy alleged that BRS leaders Naveen Rao and Sravan Rao had purchased equipment to tap the phones.
Srinivas Reddy alleged that both Naveen Rao and Sravan Rao collected hundreds of crores of rupees threatening the private persons through phone-tapping.
Srinivas Reddy alleged that hundreds of acres of land had been transferred in the name of Naveen Rao in Dharani Portal. He alleged that Naveen Rao and Sravan Rao misused the intelligence system.
Srinivas Reddy said that he did not understand as to why the Centre maintained silence even while knowing about BRS government’s activities. He alleged that the BRS and BJP attitude is like thieves sharing villages. He alleged that phone-tapping took place across the State and hence the government has to set up centres to receive complaints.

Srinivas Reddy demanded that the government conduct a comprehensive probe in this regard.
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