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When Cultural Diversity with innovation & precision go hand-in-hand

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Having been grown up in a multi-generational real estate family where dinner table conversations revolved around new strategies, opportunities and even major setbacks in business, at a very young age, Ridhima Singh, a multidisciplinary designer, hotel developer, an architect, and a businessman was always exposed to sales pitches, site visits and watching her father envision and then build the skyline of New Bombay. This not only helped whet her entrepreneurial appetite but also gave her invaluable insight and first-hand business experience long before she attended business school.

She earned a Bachelors in Banking and Finance and an MBA from S.P.Jain Institute in Mumbai before attending the London School of Business and Finance for Strategic Business Management and University of Art and Design London for Hotel Design. At her family’s firm Kamdhenu Realities, she created a remarkable sales and marketing culture over a span of five years, marketing large-scale residential and commercial projects. In 2013, she moved to Estrela Inc., handling operations and new development in their hospitality vertical. She also started moonlighting in design, building out the company’s FnB outlets.

In 2016, she founded Danza Del Design, a design studio and lifestyle brand. Meaning the dance of design, Ridhima and her talented team of architects, designers and craftspeople create multi-faceted, couture interiors, advising on every aspect and detail of a project from design concept to cocktails. Her visualization skills, aesthetically detailed approach to interiors and functional design are further amplified with her ongoing exposure as an owner, operator and developer of hospitality, educational and commercial real estate. Her diverse portfolio of projects includes exclusive commercial properties, private homes, and restaurants.

As the founder of Danza Del Design, she shares, “My aspiration was to harmonise my profound real estate acumen with a fervour for flawless design. Inspired by my upbringing and diverse educational journey, I sought to establish a design studio specialising in crafting bespoke interiors for diverse environments. My mission harmonises with my core principles of innovation and precision, as I meticulously shepherd projects from inception to realisation, seamlessly integrating practicality and aesthetics. Drawing from my extensive real estate background, I am dedicated to crafting extraordinary interiors for commercial spaces, residences, and hospitality establishments.”

She believes that a triumphant design project emerges from the intricate interplay of practical utility and artistic finesse. It hinges on grasping clients’ aspirations, transmuting them into ingenious ideas, and implementing them with meticulous precision. Profound communication, collaborative synergy, and nimbleness are indispensable. The ultimate outcome should not only fulfil pragmatic necessities but also evoke profound emotional connections, epitomising the essence of deliberate and insightful design.

Visualisation she feels serves as the pivotal link between ideation and realisation. Highlighting more on the same, she says, “It empowers me to meticulously anticipate how designs will harmonise with space, light, and utility. This forward-looking approach amplifies the precision and allure of our creations, culminating in a seamless fusion of aesthetics and purpose.” Cultural diversity assumes a crucial role in their design ethos spanning regions like India, Dubai, and the Middle East. Fostering cultural sensitivity, she says, “we endeavour to weave indigenous influences into our designs, all the while ensuring a universally captivating aesthetic. This meticulous balance results in spaces that exude both familiarity and exhilaration, transcending geographic boundaries while honouring local heritage.”

In the coming times, they aim to establish fresh milestones in design innovation and excellence by unwavering commitment to crafting spaces that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics, we aspire to reshape industry paradigms.

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