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When passion met perseverance, Bahumukham was made

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Actor Harshiv, who has been donning multiple hats for the upcoming film, Bahumukham, spoke to the media here, sharing insights about the film, balancing his passion with work, and more.
K. Ramya Sree
Actor Harshiv Karthik is donning many hats for the film Bahumukham, which is all set to release on big screens on April 5. He is the director, writer, and producer of the film, apart from being the lead actor. This film is a suspense thriller that revolves around places like Altanta, Macon, Georgia, the USA, and others.
Before delving into the interview, Bahumukam is a film that is being made out of a short film, and the actor felt the short film’s length was too short to create a huge impact, hence he made it into a full-length movie. Interacting with the media here on Tuesday, he shared, “I find the idea of Bahumukham very interesting. If a mentally ill person goes to an audition and gets insulted, the line is how far will he go. The span increased while the story was being written. It was made into a feature-length film after it was believed that such a story had never come before us. Suspense thrillers are being watched more by the audience these days. I did this project to come up with unique projects as an actor and a director.”
The actor, who is a former senior software engineer in the US, has been extremely passionate about films since childhood. He expressed, “I tried a lot to go and work with people as a part-time employee; time passed, but I didn’t get any proper projects. I decided to start my own then. I learned everything online after coming home from work. We are a middle-class family. I have done it while balancing passion with work.” The actor also practiced some art forms for this role. He took special training in Kathak dance and tried to give his best in the film.
Furthermore, it was being heard that the entire movie was shot in the US, and to this, the actor-director responded, saying, “Yes. We are doing promotions with the tag ‘Made in the USA. Assembled in India’. I made the film without compromise. We organised a workshop for each actor and made the film with a very clear vision. The reason for handling most of the departments myself is to reduce the cost. Doing thorough preproduction work was very rewarding. About forty new actors will be seen in it. I worked for about 14 hours a day. I have designed the film to have a good cinematic experience. Audiences who love suspenseful psychological thrillers will enjoy it a lot. The whole movie is very engaging.”
Although he is a debutant trying to cut costs, he managed to bring in popular musicians Phani Kalyan and Sricharan Pakala on board. He expressed, “Songs are composed by Phani Kalyan. He makes melodies marvellously. Very good songs have been composed for this movie. I approached Sricharan Pakala for background music. He asked for all the details about me. They also realised what my passion and commitment are. I showed the teaser. He liked it very much. Then he heard the whole story. Very brilliant background score.”  Although made on a minimal budget, the actor is trying hard to take the film to the audience. He is now good with his digital promotions, and through this, he understood what kind of things the audience was expecting from him. “All this will help my next project. I enjoyed this journey and process a lot,” he shared. On the acting and directing front, he wrote an action drama that has yet to take off.
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