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Why only 50, contest in all 119 constituencies

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Responding to AIMIM Floor Leader Akbaruddin Owaisi’s statement that they will contest in 50 constituencies and win 15 seats in the next Assembly elections, BJP state president Sanjay challenged the AIMIM to contest in all the 119 Assembly constituencies in the state.

“If they do that, we will ensure that AIMIM does not get deposits even in a single constituency,” he said. He said that the BRS played a drama in collusion with the AIMIM in the Assembly to give the impression that it has no connection with the AIMIM.

Sanjay said that Hindus are becoming a vote bank in Telangana and added that the Congress and the BRS are one. He said that even if all parties conspire to defeat the BJP the BJP will not back down.

Addressing the BJP workshop in Manneguda on Tuesday, Sanjay made it clear that the BJP is holding 11,000 corner meetings only to establish Ram Rajya. He said that huge public meetings will be organised in 10 districts which Prime Minister Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah will attend.

Sanjay said the BJP is going to create history with 11,000 corner meetings in 15 days. He said that BRS leaders who came to power exploiting sentiments have no right to talk about the BJP. He asked whether IT Minister KT Ramarao actually knew about the BJP.

Sanjay said that KCR’s relationship with Telangana has been broken after he changed the name of his party to BRS. He said that KCR must take responsibility for handing over Krishna River waters to AP.

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