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Will ‘power’ decide winner at the hustings in Telangana?

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After TPCC President A. Revanth Reddy’s comments on 24-hour free power supply to farmers, free power has turned into a big issue between the BRS and the Congress.
The BRS is trying to make power an election issue. There is no doubt that improving the power sector is one of the great achievements of the BRS government.

After the BRS came to power in Telangana, continuous power supply to all sectors became possible. Free power supply to the farm sector has become a sentimental issue for farmers. Keeping this in mind the BRS is trying to corner the Congress on this issue. BRS leaders are asking farmers to decide whether they want three hours of power supply or three crops. After realising the political impact of his statement on free power for farmers, TPCC President Revanth Reddy said that the Congress is committed to supplying 24-hour free power to the farm sector. The BRS government has launched many welfare schemes for all sections of people. The BRS is banking on welfare schemes to ensure a hat-trick victory in the forthcoming Assembly elections.

Although the Congress was gradually picking up on the strength of the hype created over coming to power after the Karnataka polls, Revanth’s comments have come as a big setback to the party.

There are different opinions within the Congress over Revanth’s comments on free power supply to farmers. With an aim to corner the Congress over the free power supply issue, BRS leaders are asking why the Congress is not supplying free power to farmers in states where it is in power.

Whatever might have been the intention of Revanth’s comments on free power supply to the farm sector, the Congress is now on the defensive.

Revanth was trying to expose the corruption of the BRS government while providing 24-hour free power supply, but corruption ceased to be an election issue long back. Those who were branded as corrupt are winning elections. When farmers are getting 24-hour free power supply they don’t bother about the corruption behind it.

Corruption has become an instrument for political parties only for getting publicity. During his recent visit to Telangana Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said that the BRS government is the most corrupt government in the country.

But people think that if Prime Minister Modi’s allegations are correct why the Centre is not taking action against the BRS government. Many people have concluded that BJP leaders are levelling false charges and that corruption in the BRS government is not as bad as BJP leaders are saying.

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