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Yamadhira Movie Review: Entertaining and informative

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Cast: Komal Kumar, cricketer Sreesanth, Rishika Sharma, Nagababu, Ali, Satya Prakash, Madhusudan Rao, among others.
Story and direction: Shankar R
Producer: Vedala Srinivas Rao
Cinematography: Rosh Mohan Karthik
Editing: C Ravichandran
Music: Varun Unni
A genuine police officer named Gautham (Kumal Kumar) is sent to Vizag. Reopening a case involving a young man’s strange death, he discovers that the cause of the tragedy is Deshmukh (Cricketer Sreesanth), who is in Azhar Baijan. Deshmukh turns CM in a same way by altering EVMs. With or without Nagababu’s assistance, did Gautham resolve the case? By killing that young man, what does Deshmukh stand to gain? What was the way that Gowtham dealt with Deshmukh, the CM? These details are revealed in the film, which you must watch.

Komal Kumar as a police officer did justice to his role. The action and poignant scenes with the mother are excellently done. On the other hand, Sreesanth as a CM and the movie’s villain did great job as the antagonist. He was a CM but he was villaneous and he got into the shoes of the character smoothly. Within the parameters of her performance, Rishika Sharma did a good job. Ali’s comedy standsout and comes as a relief in this film. Nagababu, Prithviraj, Madhusudan Rao, Satya Prakash, were all in their element.

Firstly, the biggest advantage of the film is its actors who gave natural and powerful perfoamnces especially Naga Babu, Komal Kumar, among others. Sreesanth got the perfect looks for a villain, so it is safe to say that the film has got good cast.
On the other hand, the director chose a good story. Especially with elections nearing a story on EVM tampering needs to be told to educate the audience. The direction and story impresses throughout. The dialogues in the film were powerful. Apart from the cast, Ali’s comedy, the mother sentiment in the movie add a bonus to the overall narrative. That being said there are a few scenes that create lag, which could’ve been taken care of during editing.
On the technical front, this is the first film from Sri Mandiram Productions. Despite that the production values were felt. No compromise seems to have been made in the making of the film in terms of budget. Rosh Mohan Karthik’s cinematography did justice for a story like this and music by Varun Unni too goes well with the film’s pace.

All in all, Yamadhira makes it to the list of a good commercial entertainer which not only gives entertainment but also information about elections, among others.
Rating: 2.75/5

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