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How can arresting people who committed offences be vengeance: Kishan Reddy

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Telangana BJP President G. Kishan Reddy asked BRS President K. Chandrasekhar Rao how arresting individuals who committed offences can be considered vengeance.
He also asked KCR who condemned the arrest of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to explain why he did not respond on the arrest of his daughter BRS MLC Kavitha in connection with the Delhi liquor scam. He demanded that KCR should explain why he is maintaining silence on Kavitha’s arrest.
Kejriwal avoided giving answers although the ED issued notices to him several times regarding the Delhi liquor scam.
Addressing the media at the BJP state office here on Saturday, Kishan said that the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has been saying that Kavitha is involved in the Delhi liquor scam and so it arrested her.
He made it clear that the BJP and the Central government have no connection with the arrest of Kavitha.
Alleging that AAP accepted money for changing the Delhi liquor policy, Kishan said that the BRS was telling lies regarding Kavitha’s arrest. He asked KCR to explain how the arrest of a corrupt Chief Minister can become a ‘Black Day.’
He said that family politics and grooming heirs as public representatives is the real Black Day.
Kishan said that the KCR family looted Delhi as it looted Telangana. Telangana is not connected to the arrest of Kavitha and there will be no change in Telangana politics due to the arrest of Kavitha.
He said that the Delhi government is also implementing the Telangana liquor policy that was floated by the BRS government.
“There is evidence in the Delhi liquor scam. Can KCR say that his family has no connection with Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal? The AAP government engaged in irregularities while framing the Delhi liquor policy. The roots of the liquor scam were found in Telangana when the enquiry was launched in Delhi. The entire nation is supporting the arrest of Kejriwal and Kavitha. I am ready for a debate on the Delhi liquor case and am ready to prove the irregularities with evidence. Can KCR prove that Kejriwal did not commit any offence?” Kishan said.
He said that the Congress government is imposing a Rahul Gandhi Tax on liquor sales in Telangana now and demanded that Chief Minister Revanth Reddy should seek a CBI inquiry into the Kaleshwaram scam if he has guts.

He also made it clear that the BJP would be contesting all the 17 Lok Sabha constituencies in TG alone.
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