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Young ‘Shepreneur’ redefining entrepreneurship in Hyderabad

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No surprise to the fact that women have come out of their comfort zone and are making their mark in the entrepreneurial world. Today, for our weekly edition of Hyderabond, we bring to you young ‘Shepreneur’ K. Manisha, who has turned into a fitness role model for many.

K. Ramya Sree

There is no denying the fact that women entrepreneurs are shaping the future of India. At present, India has 432 million working-age women and 13.5 –15.7 million women-owned businesses that provide direct employment to 22–27 million people. Statistics have shown that the number of female business owners has increased by 114%.

No surprise that women have made an enormous effort to be present in the world of entrepreneurship. More young women are coming forward into the entrepreneurial world to bring about a change in society and its behavior. For this week’s edition of Hyderabond, we have with us K Manisha, who is here to prove the misconception that “experience leads you everywhere.” She says young people are more talented and that with their ideas and thoughts, they can build their own empires.

The “shepreneur” launched her own fitness studio, “Hyki fitness studio” in Kondapur. Wondering what’s so special about it? It is a cutting-edge plush fitness studio where experience counts. In fact, it even attracted legendary cricketer Virat Kohli, who recently visited her studio for a shoot and was mesmerised by its aesthetics.

The 25-year-old speaking about her entrepreneurial journey, informed us, “I was doing my masters in luxury and branding abroad, and I happened to come to India in 2020 for a vacation, and unfortunately, COVID hit us, so I had to stay back. It was at the same time we moved from Jubilee Hills to Manikonda, and we couldn’t find any great gym in the area. And it was getting difficult for me and my dad to travel to Jubilee Hills every day. So we decided to set up a home gym, however, a thought struck me: why not a fitness studio in Manikonda itself? It will help many people like me who are looking for experiential fitness studios. That’s how Hyki happened.”

Wondering what Hyki means? It is apparently a Japanese word that means wellness. It’s a lifestyle-changing word. True to its words, as you walk into Hyki you will be welcomed with pleasing aesthetics, rich and plush, giving you a push to keep yourself fit. They have different sets for their clients every day. It is not a commercial gym.

“Empower young talent. Experience and old energies are things that do not interest me. I think young people are more talented and capable. I want to prove that young people are more talented, and sometimes with their ideas, if put in the right way, they can be successful too.”

Manisha is a true-blooded Hyderabadi, born here. And she believes that women entrepreneurs are well-supported in Hyderabad. She said, “I haven’t come across anyone putting me down. People in Hyderabad are more courteous. I’m not sure if it’s because my father is accompanying me or because of the lineage I receive, but everyone has been very nice so far. I think we are in an era where a lot of women are in this market, and there is a lot of support from the audience. They are very proud to see me, and I had people come to me and tell me that they are inspired by me and motivated by what I do. Hyderabad is definitely taking me in the right sense.”

She feels Hyderabad is an upcoming city, and the people’s spending power has also increased. So Manisha is expecting growth in all sectors in Hyderabad. Having lived abroad, when she returned to Hyderabad, she was mesmerised by its growth, she said, “I love the vibrance of the city and its spaciousness.”

She feels people here are very calm and down to earth, and that helps her stay calm and keep herself-grounded.

Manisha was once over 100 kilos, and now she is a role model in fitness. “People here in Hyderabad are becoming more aware and educated about fitness. The whole social media era has been moving towards wellness lately. I am sure a lot of people are getting inspired and understanding the importance of fitness and well-being. However, Hyderabad is lacking in good trainers. Trainers are still despised as a profession. I think people are supposed to get educated, and they need to up their game. We need more passionate and creative people.”

However, she is a hard-core fan of Biryani. She is not someone who would restrict food. “I don’t restrict myself or my clients. Eat whatever you want but in limited quantities, and hit the gym the next day. The food scene in Hyderabad is amazing and growing. A lot of Asian tastes are coming here, and even I am planning to venture into the food scene in the coming months.”

Manisha is the daughter of real estate bigwig Gopala Krishna. For her and the family, Hyderabad is everything that made them become who they are today. “My true home is Hyderabad. It’s a place that gave me a platform and recognition for me and my family. It is the place where I grew up. This will always hold a special place in my heart. After Hyderabad, my second home is London.”

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