Friday, December 1, 2023

YSRC lodges complaint to remove 60L ‘bogus’ voters

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Alleges 60L bogus votes were included during TDP regime

PNS | Vijayawada

The YSR Congress has lodged a complaint with Election Commission CEO Mukesh Kumar Meena against presence of nearly 60 lakh bogus voters in the voters’ lists included during the previous Telugu Desam government’s term, and sought removal of all bogus votes. Ministers Ch Venugopala Krishna and Dadisetti Raja, along with former ministers Kurasala Kannababu, Alla Nani and MLA Ponnada Satish Kumar, submitted the memorandum.

Venugopala Krishna and Dadisetti Raja said that 60 lakh bogus votes were included during Chandrababu’s regime. The Election Commission has been asked to check and delete those votes. They alleged that votes were registered in two or three places for the same person and claimed that these bogus votes would have a huge impact on the polls.

Kurasala Kannababu said that fake votes were registered during Chandrababu’s regime. He mentioned that the BLOs had already identified them as ineligible, but they had not been removed yet. He revealed that dead voters had also been asked to be removed. He said it was not reasonable to have votes in both the neighboring State Telangana and here in AP. He demanded that those votes should be filtered and kept somewhere.

Ex-minister Alla Nani stated that it did not make sense to have votes in two States, to have two or three votes. He stated that they complained about the stolen votes registered during the TD regime and YSRC asked them to remove all of them. YSRC has demanded  that all ineligible voters have been asked to be removed, he said.

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