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YSRCP complains against TDP

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The ruling YSRCP MPs lodged a complaint with the Election Commission of India over the illegal inclusion of double-entry voters by the Telugu Desam Party. On Thursday, the YSRCP MPs team headed by V Vijayasai Reddy requested the Election Commission of India to thoroughly investigate the violations, hold those responsible accountable, and take necessary measures to safeguard the electoral process, ensuring that future elections are conducted fairly and transparently, following the established legal frameworks.
Vijayasai Reddy said, that YSRCP MPs met the Election Commission regarding the conspiracy of the TDP party’s website named ‘mypartydashboard.com‘ to benefit in the elections violates Section 123(3) of the Representation of the People Act. He stated that the YSRC party’s theory is one citizen, one vote and they are against dual votes in two or more places and States. He alleged that TDP is doing data collection mainly on voter caste details and political party priority in its house-to-house mass contact programme hence they lodged against the programme. He alleged that TDP’s ‘My Party Dashboard.com’ has details such as the voter’s name, town, address, gender, age, caste, political party he supports and mobile number.
Vijayasai Reddy stated, “We have brought to the attention of the Election Commission that segregating voters based on political parties is illegal and all this voter data collected by Telugu Desam Party is being stored at a server point in New York, USA.” He recalled that similar malpractices were collected through the TDP’s Sevamitra app in the past. He said that YSRCP requested the Chief Election Commission to take action under Sections 120(b), 379,420,188 (IPC), 72, 66 (ITA 2000 Act) against the illegal programme of TDP through ‘mypartydashboard.com‘.
The Rajya Sabha MP and other MPs said that the Telugu Desam Party has set up another website for information on whether to keep or delete votes regardless of voter acceptance. While all the data collected by mypartydashboard.com is stored in the New York server, this data is stored in another server in London. In the name of TDP Manifesto.com, the information in the image format on the Election Commission’s dashboard is converted into Excel format and handed over to an agent of their party for every 30 votes. They stated that TDP gives this data to a person who goes to the houses of 30 voters assigned to him impersonating a government employee and under Babu Surety-Bhavishyathuku Guarantee, he collects all information of voters including caste, religion and political affiliations. They said that YSRCP complained to CEC that this data was given to about 2.40 lakh people working for TDP.
The YSRCP MPs stated that the party identified 4.36 lakh duplicate votes which were registered by TDP by changing one or two letters of the names of the voters and stating that they are residing in other areas than the local area.

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