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YSRCP, TDP workers clash

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Tension prevailed for some time as YSRC and the Opposition TDP workers clashed during the ‘Gadapa Gadapaku Mana Prabhutvam’ programme in the Vijayawada-East constituency on Tuesday. It all started with a few women questioning welfare schemes along with the local corporator in Division 17 during the door-to-door campaign programme of Vijayawada-East constituency in-charge Devineni Avinash.

Vijayawada-East MLA Gadde Rammohan, along with TDP leaders and activists, rushed to the spot and demanded action against YSRCP workers. Avinash has been organising GGMP for the past few days in the Vijayawada-East constituency.

As part of the programme, he, along with local corporator Rami Reddy and the YSRC cadre, visited the Ranigari Thota area of Krishna Lanka on Monday. A woman named Sk Ramiza told Avinash that they were cheated by the local corporator and he did not do anything for them.

Keeping this in mind, on Tuesday morning around 20 YSRC women activists allegedly went to Ramiza’s house and allegedly tried to assault her. The YSRC activists allegedly pelted stones at Ramiza’s house and also tried to sprinkle chilli powder into her eyes. In order to protect her, the TDP women sympathisers and local people rushed to the spot.

Krishna Lanka police arrested the TDP women activists.

Devineni Avinash said that Gadde Rammohan started playing cheap politics fearing defeat in the next elections. He said that the YSRCP government is spending crores of rupees in the Vijayawada-East constituency for development works including retaining walls.

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