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Yukti Kapoor completes 13 Years in the industry

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Yukti Kapoor Began her career with her debut in the Hindi film ‘Uvaa’ in 2015. She rose to prominence with Siya ke Ram in 2016.” She is now playing a role in Maddam Sir as SI Karishma Singh. Fans admire her for her determination towards work.

Yukti quotes, the moment I got serious about my work was the moment when I started getting the kind of work I always dreamed of. I got serious with my work when I got role in Siya ke Ram in 2016 and since then I have been dedicated towards my work as I got lots of appreciation from people around and I started loving my work since that time. I said this as I want people to believe if you decide to do something you should give your all and definitely you will get something out of it.

She further adds that, this is just the beginning. “I want to step into OTT and yet prove myself. The kind of work, the kind of projects I chose, I am quite happy with them. I am looking forward to doing a lot more in future. These 13 years have been very fruitful and productive. I have received so much respect, love and attention from my fans and also my well-wishers.

She added more, it’s a utter pride to work for her show as SI Karishma Singh because the vibes of the show is extraordinary and it’s my pleasure to entertain audience through my performance. These years have been a learning experience, whether it was about doing TV, walking red carpetsand winning award as Best supporting Actress for my ongoing show.

Lastly she says, my heart is filled with gratitude for everything that I have been showered with in the Television industry.

We can undoubtedly say that the actress has always been graceful for whatever she has achieved in her life.

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