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Zach Bryan releases live album All my homies Hate Ticketmaster

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Country music star Zach Bryan issued a statement on Christmas Eve vowing to find a way to keep ticket costs low.

He is also trying to find out an easy to obtain for his yet-to-be-announced 2023 touring, without singling out Ticketmaster by name as a problem, as he often has in the past, reports .

Simultaneous with his written statement, Bryan released a surprise live album, titled, All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster (Live at Red Rocks)’. The title of the new album echoes a tweet of Bryan’s from November 15, when, in concluding a long series of missives that had him excoriating the company, he wrote, “I’m fully aware of the Ticketmaster and Live Nation relationship.”

“All my decisions — moving forward — will reflect this and until there is a serious change in the system all my homies will continue to hate Ticketmaster. (Last thing I say on the matter.) Sorry for being annoying,” he added.

As per ‘Variety’, that tweet didn’t turn out to be exactly his final word on the matter after all, but fans who share his feelings are amused that he made his “last” statement into the title of a new release that, like his studio efforts from 2022, is bound to rack up massive streaming numbers. Over the last year, Bryan has been not just one of country’s new breakout stars but one of the most-consumed artists in any genre.

‘Variety’ further states that with the new release, Bryan made good on his promise he made while headlining Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre in early November to put the concert out as a live album.

The show took place during an (obviously) unexpected fall blizzard, and included the song Snow, performed to the freezing audience’s delight as the storm system dumped just that on them.

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  1. Zach Bryan’s live album ‘All my homies Hate Ticketmaster’ showcases his raw and emotional talent as a singer-songwriter. The album title itself is intriguing and relatable for anyone who’s ever dealt with the frustrations of buying tickets. The Pioneer’s coverage of the album offers an insightful look into Bryan’s journey as a musician and the inspiration behind the songs. Fans of American folk music shouldn’t miss this one.


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