Monday, June 17, 2024

Zee 5 organises one of a kind event for Gaami

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Gaami, the epic survival drama starring Vishwak Sen, has taken audiences by storm since its theatrical release on March 8, 2024, and is now available for streaming on ZEE5. In a remarkable promotional strategy, ZEE5 organised a press interaction at Snow Kingdom India, recreating the chilling Himalayan ambiance where the film was predominantly shot. Attendees were left impressed by the immersive experience, further enhancing their anticipation for the film’s streaming release.
Both Vishwak Sen and director Vidyadhar Kagita praised ZEE5 for their innovative approach in bringing the Himalayan setting to life for the press meet. They expressed confidence that viewers would appreciate the film’s immersive quality on the platform, especially those who may have missed certain aspects during its theatrical run.
Vishwak Sen shared insights into his challenging role as an Aghora in Gaami, reflecting on the harsh conditions endured during filming in the Himalayas. Despite initial skepticism about the film’s commercial prospects, he expressed gratitude for its success and emphasized the importance of believing in compelling storytelling over commercial elements. He also expressed regret for not exploring such creative promotional ideas before the film’s theatrical release.

Gaami, produced by Karthik Sabarish under Karthik Kult Creations in association with V Celluloid, boasts a talented ensemble cast and promises an enthralling cinematic experience.

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