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Accused in 2 BHK units scam ends life

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The suicide of Akshay Kumar (23 in Hyderabad has created a flutter in Mahabubnagar district. Akshay Kumar happened to be the son of Devnder, who worked in the past as personal assistant to Minister for Prohibition and Excise V Srinivas Goud.

It may be recalled that he was one of the accused in an alleged scam involving cheating gullible persons of money by promising to ensure allotment of double-bedroom houses in Mahabubnagar town. The youth’s death by suicide has become a talk of the town.

Police registered a case against Akshya Kumar on the charge of indulging corruption in regard to the allotment of double-bedroom houses at Divitipally and Veerannapet in the town.

He was found cheating gullible persons of their money by promising allotment of double-bedroom houses, the police said. He was arrested and remanded in judicial custody. After being released on bail, he went to Hyderabad as he landed a job a software company.

He was staying in a relative’s house in Hyderabad. The double-bedroom scam had reportedly depressed him because it brought a bad name to his father. It is yet to be known whether the double-bedroom scam drove him to take the extreme step or for some other reason.

It is a fact that some persons formed themselves into a gang and fabricated certificates. The gangsters allegedly swindled gullible persons of their money by promising to ensure allotment of double-bedroom houses. Now with Akshay Kumar committing suicide, those who were taken for a ride by the gangster demanded the police reopen the investigation and ensure that the guilty are punished.

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