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After Abhishek Nama, Natti Kumar pick out on VD

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When producer Abhishek Nama openly tweeted to hero Vijay Devarakonda regarding the losses of Dear Comrade, a film that is distributed by Abhishek Pictures in Nizam, the hero’s fans have vehemently trolled the distributor for seeking recovery from the hero rather than the producer of that film.

In fact, this happened after Vijay D announced that he would share Rs. 1 crore from his remuneration to 100 families that need it. Here comes another producer-distributor taking the same stand as Abhishek Nama.

“Our Film Industry is accustomed to the habit of ‘use and throw’ and everyone is getting a taste of it these days. Films like Liger, and Dear Comrade caused huge losses to distributors, and even Kushi did ?3 crores loss in the Vizag area. If hero Vijay Devarakonda garu has real concerns, he should first think about saving his distributors but not his fans. No matter how much you act in the film, you need distributors and exhibitors to take the film to the audience” said Natti Kumar on record today.

In the wake of Devarakonda distributing the cheques of 1 lakh to 100 families the other day, these comments made by Natti Kumar have gained attention. While Vijay’s father levelled ‘blackmail’ comments on Abhishek Nama earlier, we have to see if they will respond to Natti Kumar’s demands as well. On the whole, it looks like distributors who lost money with these big-ticket movies are unhappy with the way producers and star heroes are treating them.

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