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‘I will undoubtedly consider making a sequel,’ said director Atlee on Jawan sequel

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With Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan, Atlee successfully reestablished himself in Bollywood after dominating South Indian cinema. The action movie, which debuted on September 7, is smashing box office records, taking in more than Rs 700 crore internationally in just 10 days. The renowned director has since revealed in an interview that he will make a sequel to the movie, although he hasn’t yet thought of a release date.

In a recent interview, when asked if he had a character in mind for a spin-off, Atlee grinned and mentioned Vikram Rathore, who plays Shah Rukh’s senior version in the film. As for a sequel, the director said that while most of his movies have open endings, he would only decide to make one if he had a compelling idea.

“I never considered doing a sequel to any of my films; however, I gave each one an open arc, and if something compelling occurs to me, I will undoubtedly consider making a sequel. Let’s see,” said Atlee.

Additionally, Atlee reaffirmed that his team is considering streaming a longer version of Jawan. While the movie had the ideal balance of emotions, he claimed that a new rhythm is being considered for streaming. He continued by saying that he has been working on it and hasn’t even taken a vacation as a result.

The director was also asked about the alleged Thalapathy Vijay cameo in Jawan. He stated that he was explicit about not include him in the movie because he had longer-term goals in mind. He wants to work with SRK in a sizable two-hero movie. There’s a reason I refrained from requesting a cameo from Vijay’s side. I’ll put something together for Vijay and Shah Rukh. They both gave me the best career arc I’ve ever experienced. One day, I’ll write a story for both of them, and they’ll appear together in a single film,” he said.
Additionally, he projected that the movie will undoubtedly gross more than Rs 1500 Cr at the box office whenever the two superstars collaborate.

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