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‘AP can outclass Singapore’

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Minister Vemula Prashanth Reddy has said that Telangana Chief Minister KChandrashekar Rao always wanted to develop Telangana without harming Andhra Pradesh state.

“KCR has love for Andhra people. We found fault with the attitude of the rulers of Andhra who are now cheating the people of Andhra”, he said.

Several leaders from Andhra Pradesh joined BRS party in Telangana Bhavan, especially from Kurnool, Nandyala, and Prakasam districts under the leadership of AP BRS president Thota Chandrasekhar Reddy and in the presence of Minister Vemula Prashanth Reddy on Wednesday.

“Hundreds of kilometers coastline is there and state of Andhra Pradesh with its seacoast can be developed wonderfully. As Hyderabad is to Telangana – Vizag is to AP. Vizag city could be developed a lot in 9 years if the leaders are sincere. If Singapore, which has 19 kilometers of seacoast, could develop; how much development should be done in AP, which has thousands of kilometres of sea?”, he asked.

Prashanth Reddy said the development of AP did not happen because of the leaders of AP. “Although AP has natural resources, AP chief ministers have no sincerity towards people. AP needs KCR’s leadership. YCP and TDP leaders spread propaganda about KCR’s leadership. He is on the side of poor people. Mother India’s darling child is KCR”.

Prashanth said: “The people of Andhra Pradesh want Telangana-style development and want KCR to be the leader. The previous leader encouraged only one caste. The leader who came now is attacking that caste. Two CMs have done injustice to AP state by not establishing at least one capital for eight years. In AP, development is kept aside, and caste clashes take place. KCR’s rule is progressing beyond caste and religion”.

The Minister added that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s eight -year rule was filled with lies. “KCR is the only leader in the country who questions Modi. Unable to face KCR, his child Kavitha is being troubled with cases”.

“The Telangana model is necessary for the country. The situation of political parties in AP is strange. The ruling YSRCP and the opposition TDP are also supporting Modi. Even if the Centre sells the Visakha factory, there is no situation in AP to question Modi”.

BRS AP unit president Thota Chandrashekar said: “They are asking me why KCR joined the party after dividing AP. It was not KCR who divided the state of AP – it was the Congress party that bifurcated. If Congress split AP, BJP cooperated, YCP and TDP gave letters. KCR was furious that injustice would be done to the Telangana region. KCR questioned that the rulers of Andhra are doing injustice to the Telangana region – they fought. During the nine-year rule of KCR, Telangana experienced an unexpected development. Nine years ago, there was no drinking water in Telangana. Now it has become a drought-free state”.

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