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Awareness needed on biomedical waste disposal: DC

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District Collector P Prashanthi underlined the need of creating awareness on the disposal of bio-medical waste.

A review meeting and workshop were held here in the Vishnu College auditorium on Friday. Speaking on the occasion, the Collector said that bio-medical waste is hazardous to humans and the environment, and everyone should have a broad understanding of its disposal.

The Collector said that all human activities produce waste and some of these wastes are dangerous. It is very important to neutralize them in the right way. Industrial waste, sewage, agricultural, medical and other wastes pollute water, soil and air and it is dangerous for humans and the environment, She stated.

Similarly, hospitals and other healthcare facilities generate a lot of waste, which can lead to transmission of infections, especially HIV, hepatitis B & C. India generates about three million tonnes of medical waste every year, The Collector observed.

The Collector said that the biomedical waste includes human anatomical waste such as tissues, organs, body parts, animal waste generated during research from veterinary hospitals, microbiology, biotechnology waste, waste materials such as hypodermic needles, syringes, scalpels, broken glass, discarded drugs, cytotoxic drugs, dressings, bandages, includes plaster casts, blood-contaminated material, dirty wastes like tubes and catheters, liquid wastes from any infected areas, incineration ash and other chemical wastes.

Collector Prashanthi said disposal by deep burial is allowed only in rural or remote areas where normal bio-medical waste treatment facilities are not available. Segregation is the most crucial step in bio-medical waste management, she added.

She said that along with creating an awareness among all the communities about the ill effects of bio-medical waste, they should also be advised to dispose of it in the right way.

Earlier, the Collector released a wall poster to create awareness on the proper disposal of bio-medical waste. ASP AV Subba Raju, PCB EE K Venkateswara Rao, ZP CEO KVSR Ravi Kumar, Industries officer V Adiseshu and municipal commoners were among those who were present.

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