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BCs demand quota in private sector

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Backward Class leaders have called up the people of the Bahujan communities to join hands for social, economic justice, and political empowerment as per their share in the population.

A bronze statue of social activist BP Mandal was unveiled at Mirchi Centre in Guntur on Sunday. BC leaders of all parties in the state along with many national leaders attended the meeting.

BP Mandal’s grandson Suraj Mandal expressed his concern that BCs are not getting proper encouragement from the government. He demanded that BCs reservations for BCs be implemented in the private sector as well.

Dravida Kalagam Party President Veeramani said that the 27 percent reservation enjoyed by BCs was made possible by BP Mandal. He recalled that a section of people prevented the recommendations of the BC Commission from being passed in Parliament. Many agitations were organised to ensure that the Mandal Commission report did not get approval.

Veeramani opined that due to the dominance of the upper castes, the reservation did not exceed 50 percent. They demanded that 52 percent of reservations be provided as they constitute 52 percent of the population.

VCK Party president Thirumavalan said that the country needs the unity of SC, ST, and BC for social justice.

If the parties with Brahmin ideology come to power in the country in 2024, there will be no more reservations. Statues of Mandal should be installed all over the country.

Minister Vidadala Rajani said that the YSRCP government in AP is giving the utmost report to the BCs. After the YSRCP came to power, BCs were given a lot of importance.

Minister Ch Venugopal recalled that BP Mandal had said that there should be no casteism in government decisions.

Retired Judge Justice Eswaraiah, MP Beda Mastan Rao, MLCs Janga Krishnamurthy, Appireddy, Dokka. Manikya Varaprasad, former minister Kollu Ravindra from TDP, former MLA Shravan Kumar, former minister Raghuveera Reddy from Congress, former MLA Mastan Vali, Janasena leaders Bonaboina Srinivas Yadav and Potina Mahesh participated.

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