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Besharam Rang is more addictive because of Deepika: Singer Shilpa Rao

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Besharam Rang has been one of the most trending songs, for different reasons. While there’s been a lot of negativity around the song, The Pioneer connects with the songstress of the song, sharing her take on the same.

Shikha Duggal
There’s been a huge outlook on the release of one song; Besharam Rang starring Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan, which is trending aggressively in the country right now.
On one hand, filmmaker Onir slammed a bunch of politicians who criticised actors, on the other hand, we not only see several derogatory comments but also several complaints filed about it.

The divide is for real! To know what the voice behind the influential song of the week is feeling, we immediately communicated with the popular playback singer Shilpa Rao and she started with a bang, clearly, “My brief was: keep the track as unswerving as you can, with an elementary tone. It was told to me by the director of Pathaan and the musical duo Vishal-Shekhar. Moving ahead, we pondered upon adding a poignant touch to it so that the listeners can feel the emotions too. The whole sorcery was of the tune that was created and hence, all of us are humming it. We went hi-tech too, if you are an avid listener you can feel the ‘sur’ dropping at a moment/the ‘khatka’ that you listen to in classical music. These were the characteristics that made me sing Besharam Rang for Deepika Padukone. Not denying, the song is too desirable.”

None of them knew, it was going to be an acclaimed song like this, where few politicians have been character assassinating Deepika Padukone and her stylist. In fact, politicians like Nusrat Jahan attacked the right-wing organisations in support of the actress. The singer is a tad bit stunned too. She mentioned, “We were not making the song for it to be a megahit in the country, but a track that all the listeners would love to murmur. However, I sang the song, and Deepika Padukone’s expressions were right on the money. She truly blasted our screens and looked so spectacular.”

Commenting on the controversy, she says, “Deepika is a whole vibe in the track and it is more addictive because of her. I have sung many songs for Deepika: some have been of romance, some have been of falling in love, some have been of finding your true self, but this one is very different. This one is where she is confident in her own skin, she’s like taking on the world as brilliantly as she is.”

We can also read comments of stars like Lakshmi Manchu calling the song fire, and Deepika setting her phone on fire; there are other unsavoury comments too which are yucky factors. For example, a user commenting that Deepika Padukone has lost her charm, there is too much nudity or we are going to boycott the movie — the singer of the trending song has something else to say to the viewers. She claimed, “Yes, whatever she’s wearing in the track is bringing attention but she’s not a piece of meat. Her rights are more important than what the world is trying to impose. When she’s not feeling insecure about the way she looks in our song, and her self-esteem continues to be high — why are few netizens making a ruckus out of it? A track doesn’t define her.”

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