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BJP alleges conspiracy to give RTC lands on lease

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PNS | Hyderabad

The BJP said that there is a conspiracy to give the TSRTC’s lands on lease.

Dubbaka BJP MLA M. Raghunandan criticised IT Minister KT Ramarao for announcing that the BRS government is merging the TSRTC with the government and recognizing its employees as government employees and demanded that the government should first clear the pending bills of the RTC hospital first.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday at the BJP office, Raghunandan criticised KCR for going to Maharashtra instead of to Moranchapally village, which was devastated by the floods.

He said that the people of Moranchapally are suffering as they did not have anything to eat after the floods.

He asked KCR to ask MLAs to give their one-month salary to the flood-hit and requested the CM to take a decision on this after coming back from Maharashtra.

He also criticised KCR for stating that his government will expand the Metro Rail network around the City within four years. He said that the BRS government did not complete the 5.5 km Metro Line in the Old City in the last nine and a half years.

He said that KCR has been telling cock and bull stories about Metro Rail only to help the real estate business. KCR is bothered only about votes, Raghunandan said.

He said that it is unfortunate that Ministers have no time to visit the Kadem Project although the KCR government got the report of the Committee appointed by itself for the development of the Kadem Project. He said that KCR did not have even 30 per cent of the funds required for constructing the Kadem Project.

He asked the CM to reschedule the dates of competitive examinations and added that KCR has been playing games with the lives of the unemployed by conducting three competitive examinations in just a month.

“I thought that the Cabinet would take a decision on changing the dates of the competitive examinations,” he asked.

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