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Won’t allow loot of TSRTC assets

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PNS | Hyderabad

CLP Leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka warned the BRS government that the Congress will hit the roads in protest if the BRS government tries to loot the assets of the TSRTC built up under Congress governments. He made it clear that the assets of the TSRTC are the assets of the people and that the Congress will fight to protect it.

He said that the government’s decision to take over the TSRTC is a victory for the Congress. When the CM was asked to merge the TSRTC with the government, he had hurled personal abuses at Congress leaders, Bhatti recalled.

He said that the Congress had already announced that it would merge the TSRTC into the government if it comes to power. KCR decided to execute the merger as he feared losing to the Congress, Bhatti said.

He recalled that during Congress rule in 1978, the Congress ran the historical campaign of providing bus services to every village, with the slogan ‘Intiko Deepam–Uriko Bus’ (Light to every house–Bus to every village). He said that Congress governments had given numerous assets to the TSRTC.

Speaking to the media after submitting a petition to Governor Dr Tamilisai Sounderarajan requesting compensation for the flood victims on Tuesday along with AICC Secretary D. Sridhar Babu and others, Bhatti said that he had briefed the Governor about the losses and suffering caused by the rains in the state.He said that they had briefed the Governor about the loss of life, crops and property due to the floods.

He said that the government totally failed to take precautionary measures to protect people from floods. Even though the Meteorological Department had warned of heavy rains, the government machinery did not take steps on time, he said.

Bhatti said that in the last nine and a half years, the BRS government’s refusal to release funds for the maintenance of major, medium and minor irrigation projects resulted in flooding causing great suffering to the people of Telangana.

The Construction of the Kaleshwaram and Sitarama projects in an unscientific manner resulted in the submergence of numerous tribal settlements, he said. If the check dams built on the Munneru and Kinnerasani Rivers had been scientifically designed, the damage would have been less, he said.

He said that the CM’s use of the bureaucracy for political needs rather than for public needs resulted in the government’s failure to conduct adequate relief measures.

He said KCR ignored the requests of Congress MLAs Sitakka, Podem Veeraya and Duddilla Sridhar Babu to send rescue teams as there was a threat of submergence in the tribal agency areas from Bhadrachalam to Adilabad due to floods in the Godavari.

Bhatti asked why KCR is touring Maharashtra without visiting the flood affected areas in Telangana.

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