Wednesday, April 24, 2024

‘BRS has not learnt lesson from defeat’

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Taking a dig at the BRS, BJP candidate for Medak Lok Sabha seat Raghunandan Rao has said that it is painful to note that the BRS that ruled Telangana for 10 years could not find a suitable candidate to field from Medak seat.
On Saturday he performed special pujas at Ranganadha Swamy temple in Murkuk and later took part in the BJP booth-committee meeting.
He sought to know whether former chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and former minister T Harish Rao could not find at least one potential candidate to field from Medak seat.
He alleged that the BRS has been selling tickets for money. Therefore, he appealed to the people to think about the BRS and for whom it works. The BRS leadership apparently did not draw its lessons in spite of the people teaching a bitter lesson to it in the last Assembly elections, he said. He breathed fire on the BRS leaders and advised them to jump into Ranganayaka Sagar and die.
“Telangana society hates the BRS leadership and its family members. They should draw their lessons before the people’s hatred for them gets converted into vengeance,” he advised.

 Now, another Karimnagar candidate is coming to contest from Medak to exercise authority over us. The people should give a decent burial to the BRS, which he charged with selling the LS seats, at the hustings.
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