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Challenges ahead for YSRCP

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Marthi Subrahmanyam

Though it is earning a reputation for implementing a host of welfare schemes and introducing a novel secretariat and voluntary system to reach out to people, the Jagan Reddy government, on the flip side, is facing unprecedented financial constraints, and allegations of massive corruption. Meanwhile, the TDP is gaining popularity again.

The Jagan Reddy-led government stands top of the country in implementing a host of welfare schemes. The SIPB-approved the investment of a whopping Rs 1,66,919.71 crore in AP and Rs 44,286 crore investments have already been made in the State.

AP has earned a reputation for achieving the highest growth rate during the financial year 2020-21, while it has also achieved 12.78 per cent industrial growth. AP has also achieved 11.43 per cent GSS and bagged seven national awards in infrastructure development and energy sectors.

Allegations of atrocities by CID police, the sacking of DGP Gotham Sawang and ignoring norms in appointing the Chief Secretary are the blemish on the YSRCP government. Nevertheless, the Jagan Reddy government has won accolades from the women in the State, thanks to schemes like ‘Kapu Nestam’, ‘Jagananna Chedodu’, ‘EWS Nestam’, ‘Gorumudda’, ‘Sampurna Poshana’, ‘Jagananna Thodu’ and ‘YSR Kalyamastu’.

However, the arbitrary acts of the CID chief severely dented the goodwill of the government. The CID chief’s atrocious acts were raised in Parliament also. The arrests of Opposition leaders at midnight and in the wee hours have drawn flak.

The AP High Court reprimanded the then DGP Goutham Sawang, who was later removed from the post in a disgraceful manner. Moreover, the non-payment of bills to the contractors has come as a slap in the face to the YSRCP government as the AP HC ordered the government to disburse their bills. Now, the contractors are not coming forward to take up work in AP.

The hike in power tariffs, property tax, RTC bus fares, and garbage tax have also caused resentment among the people. The government, due to severe financial constraints, is now unable to pay salaries and pensions on time. Jagan Reddy’s assurance of regularising the services of outsourcing staff has not been materialised so far and the promises of creating 3.50 lakh jobs have not been fulfilled either.

The Jagan Reddy-headed government has also faced public resentment over the YSRCP MLC Ananta Babu’s involvement in the murder of his ex-driver, who belongs to the SC community. The MLC was accorded a heroic welcome by his followers when he was freed on bail.

The transfer of the YS Vivekananda Reddy murder case from AP to Telangana was another blow to the Jagan Reddy government. The Opposition was successful in spreading the message of ‘AP has got stuck in debt’. In addition to the existing problems, the government is facing the wrath of people for the bad condition of roads across the State.

The government’s failures in many areas and the hike in taxes have helped the Opposition TDP gain sympathy and popularity. Massive turnout of crowds at Chandrababu Naidu’s road show upset the ruling party.

The Opposition’s allegations of Rs 3,35,000-crore worth of scams including a 31,000-crore liquor scam, Rs 41,500-crore Visakhapatnam land scam, Rs 15,000-crore cement scam, Rs 20,000-crore sand scam, Rs 25,000-crore mining scam, Rs 21,000-crore drugs scam, Rs 10,000-crore ganja scam, Rs 21,000-red sander scam, Rs 7,000-crore ration rice scam, Rs 7,000-crore housing pattas scam and Rs 15,000-crore bauxite mining scam caused huge damage to the government’s reputation.

Naidu’s son Nara Lokesh has also improved his political knowledge and popularity by often visiting various places. The TDP plunged into deep sadness with the death of eight of its activists in a stampede during Naidu’s road show and the leaders have taken remedial measures.

Jagan Reddy has started focusing on the ensuing elections by sending a message ‘Why not 175 Assembly seats in the next election’. In a bid to erase the impression that YSRCP is Reddy’s party, he appointed a large number of BC and SC leaders as party coordinators.

Interestingly, Jana Sena is also getting massive support from the people. The police obstructing Pawan Kalyan in Visakhapatnam drew flak from all quarters and Naidu personally met Pawan Kalyan, which led to new political equations in the State. “Andhra Pradesh will definitely witness unforeseen significant political developments in 2023,” a political analyst commented.

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