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Chanaka-Korata barrage gets ‘green’ light

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The Union Ministry of Environment, Forestry & Climate Change gave environmental clearance for the Chanaka–Korata barrage on the Penganga River Inter State Irrigation Project located in Adilabad district on Friday.

Based on the recommendations of EAC, the Ministry accorded approval for granting environmental clearance to the project for the construction of common components of the barrage and canal works in Telangana by M/s Irrigation & CAD Department, Government of Telangana, under the provisions of EIA Notification, 2006, the Union Ministry said.

The judgement said that after submitting forest permission, environmental clearance for the project’s Maharashtra portion canal may be taken into consideration.

The barrage with vertical lifts will be on the Penganga River with 1.33 lakh hectares of the free catchment area with an FRL of 213 metres and an area of submergence of 31.16 acres.

The pump house is located in Hathighat village with a peak demand of 4.47 cumecs and a power of 7.68 MW. The command area is 6600 ha with a water requirement of 4.5 cumecs. 1.15 mcm is needed for drinking water supply which will benefit 23 villages. The cost of the project is Rs 399.16 crore and the cost of EMP is Rs 21.15 crore.

The latest approval said that the terms and conditions of the MoU signed between the state of Telangana and Maharashtra regarding implementation of the Channaka–Korata (Rudha) Barrage project shall be adhered with.

“Environmental Clearance for canal work on the Maharashtra portion of the project shall be considered after submission of necessary forest clearance,” he said.

As per the terms and conditions, necessary clearances/permissions shall be obtained before the start of construction of the project in Maharashtra region.

As per the approval, “In case of revision of the project cost or due to price level change, the cost of Environmental Management Plans shall also be updated proportionately. After 5 years of commissioning of the project, a study shall be undertaken regarding the impact of the project on the environment. The study shall be undertaken by an independent agency,” the Ministry informed Telangana.

A dedicated team to oversee environmental management will be set up which should have Environment Engineers, laboratory chemists and staff for the monitoring of air and water quality parameters routinely.

Permission is required to obtain for quarrying construction materials for the project as per ElA Notification, 2006, and subsequent amendments thereof.

The approval said that preference must be given to local villagers as per the requirements and suitability, of the job/other opportunities in the project, etc.

Measures to be taken to develop the skills of the local villagers, particularly with respect to the trades related to construction works such as electrician, welder, fitter, etc.

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