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Collector releases book for Civils aspirants

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NTR District Collector S Dilli Rao released the ‘Polity and Governance’ textbook of Sarat Chandra IAS Academy on Thursday. On this occasion, Dilli Rao said that the polity subject is very important in the UPSC Civils examination and in administration, the Indian constitution is very necessary, and such books need to be updated and given to the students.

The collector said that keeping in mind the changing IAS examination system, students should also change their preparation strategy and work hard and want to see more Telugu students as IAS and IPS officers.

Later, academy MD Thota Sarat Chandra said that under the leadership of Collector Dilli Rao, many development programmes were implemented in the newly-formed NTR district. He said that Dilli Rao as Director of Civil Supplies and Joint Collector of Anantapur “implemented innovative methods and was appreciated by the superior officers.” Dilli Rao is an inspiration for IAS aspirants. Sarat Chandra said that he is very happy to have launched the book by him.

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