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Dil Raju: Balagam is going to be a milestone in Telugu cinema

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Balagam starring Priyadarshi and Kavya Kalyan Ram as the lead cast, directed by Venu Eldandiis, and produced by Harshit and Hansita under the banner of Dil Raju Productions presented by Shirish hit the theatres recently. The film has been receiving immense love and appreciation not only from the celebrities.

This Telangana-themed film is becoming more and more well-known every day. The entire village had gathered to watch the film, though, because screens had been erected up in the villages, and were getting emotional. Additionally, Balagam bagged up seven foreign honours. In this context, Dil Raju, director Venu, producers Harshit, Hansita and others participated in a press conference.

Speaking on the occasion, Dil Raju said, “We started Balagam with the belief that we are making a good film and it will be a good film. Balagam is moving forward to stand as a milestone in Telugu cinema. We cannot forget the appreciations given by the media friends who saw the movie first. It is now five weeks since the release of the movie but we keep hearing about it everyday. Ministers and MLAs not only appreciated the movie but also tried calling us! Looking at the response to the film, Balagam is a history that will always stand in the Telugu film industry. I used to record 16 megapixel movies while I was studying in the ninth standard. Then my companion called and reminded me of those things, saying that it appears that your strength is now resonating in the villages as well. I couldn’t grasp it. He used to ponder if it would be practical to continue working after becoming a producer. However, he feels as though we are shifting locations today.”

Dil Raju received a video from Venu, where  two brothers saw this movie and got together in front of the village snake. Additionally, a family’s divided members watched the movie Balagam together. On Wednesday, Dil Raju celebrated 20 years since he first began working as a producer. He revealed that he noticed changes in many parents after watching that film. “When Venu told us about the movie Balagam, we made a good effort,” he continued. “Today, movies are bringing families closer together. I want to thank Venu first. Balagam has a place in Telugu film history. There will be a Balagam movie showing in the villages, and an invitation is being prepared. We don’t know when we will see a moment like this again. Even after five weeks in the theatres, the shared collections are still coming, which is a great thing.”

Before Balagam’s release, Harshit and Hanshit sent it to international awards. The team had received seven awards-Two awards were given to director Venu, one to the hero and one to the heroine.

Now, there have been reports that the villagers are receiving word that Dil Raju and company are ending the event. As a substitute, they have produced a force that makes people want to see an excellent movie nevertheless! The team reasoned that since they had produced a good movie, families should come together and watch it. What could be more beneficial than a civilization in change? However, word is spreading that they will halt the film legally. Actually, in his capacity as a producer, he gave OTT individuals the rights to this film.

“Now we are getting pressure from their side. Our legal team has done a few things for that but it won’t stop. All I can say is that this movie does not stop anywhere. Openly see where you want to see. If you want to watch the movie anywhere, we will give you the contact number. We will arrange shows. A batch could not bear the name that was being given to me. Something will be started immediately. I am honest. There is no need to fear.”
The team had also revealed that they will ensure that the Balagam movie is sent to the Oscars.

It was reported that a budget is needed, and in the US, streaming actually costs money, which was also done by The Elephant Whisperers team.

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