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Driverless train Northern Railway removes Kathua station master from service

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The Northern Railways removed from service the station master of Kathua from where a driverless freight train rolled down for about 70 km to Punjab’s Ucchi Bassi at 70 to 75 kmph speed last month.
The reason cited in the notice for “removal from service” is “negligence” which could have resulted in a “major incident” causing loss of lives.
The loco-pilot of the train has already been removed from services on the similar ground, as reported by PTI on February 29.
PTI accessed both the notices served to the loco-pilot and the station master by the concerned disciplinary authorities of Firozpur division. They suggest that both were removed from services on the very day of the incident, on February 25.
Action against other railway officials involved in the incident could not be ascertained.

While the loco-pilot had failed to stabilise the train by applying all the brakes of engine as well as wagons, the station master, Triveni Lal Gupta too overlooked norms and “failed to fulfil his meant duties” and “observe saved practices”, the notice said.
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