Tuesday, February 27, 2024

DRM inspects main line of Waltair Division

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Saurabh Prasad, Divisional Railway Manager, Waltair Division, carried out inspection in the Visakhapatnam- Palasa section of Waltair division from and window trailing inspection from Pundi to Visakhapatnam. The major thrust is being given to safety, passenger amenities, cleanliness and maintenance. Starting with Visakhapatnam railway station inspection, he checked passenger amenities and works in progress.

He inspected Bridges, Level Crossings, curves etc. He continued his inspection at Kottavalasa, Chipurupalli, Tilaru, Srikakulam Road, Naupada etc. It is being the maiden visit of the main line and DRM took stock of various facilities at the station available to the passengers and the works which are in progress.

He was accompanied by senior Divisional officials from the Division, Senior Divisional Operations Manager G Suneel Kumar, Senior Divisional Commercial Manager AK Tripathi, Senior Divisional Mechanical Engineer Shri SK Patra, Senior Divisional Electrical Engineer MSN Murthy and other officials.

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