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32 red sanders logs seized, 6 arrested

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The police seized 32 red sanders logs and arrested six smugglers in two places in the Sanipaya forest range in the Annamayya district.

DSP Chenchubabu told the media on Thursday that on the orders of DIG Senthil Kumar, three police teams under the directions of DSP Chenchubabu conducted a combing.
A police team led by RI Suresh Kumar Reddy conducted a combing at the Sanipaya forest area.

They found some red sander woodcutters loading red sander logs in a car in the Seshachalam extension reserve forest area. The police seized 10 red sanders logs, one car, and one motorcycle and arrested T Venkateshan, Hari and KC Vijay Kumar.

Another police team conducted a raid at Vanachapalli forest area. They spotted some red sander woodcutters carrying red sander logs. On noticing the police, the woodcutters fled the area leaving the red sander logs there. However the police chased and apprehended three of them. The police seized 22 red sander logs and arrested Ponnuswamy Sharat, Chinnaraji Pacchayappan, and Nadiyappan Mani.

The seized red sander logs are worth Rs 50 lakh, the DSP said. DIG Senthil Kumar announced rewards to the police personnel who took part in the combing.

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