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FYI: The battle over YouTube vs YouTube shorts

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Over time, there have been various platforms that have brought out their unique ways of entertaining their audience. From TikTok to Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, short-format videos have received immense popularity not only amongst the audience but amongst the creators as well. But how has the short from changed the game of traditional YouTube videos? The Pioneer’s Tejal Sinha connects with a few popular creators to understand the impact of the same.

It is no surprise that YouTube has lately been one of the most preferred video streaming platforms. Be it a toddler watching a lullaby video, the adults watching news and entertainment videos, or the older ones listening to bhajans, there is something for everyone streaming on YouTube. Not only has it been a great entertainment source for the viewers, but also for the content creators. YouTube has provided a platform for creators to produce and distribute content that is accessible to a global audience. The surge in online video consumption has been one of YouTube’s most significant effects. YouTube has over two billion monthly active users, and users view over a billion hours of video each day. One of the reasons YouTube is so popular is the sheer volume of videos available. Every minute, 100 hours of video are added to YouTube, so there’s always something fresh to view! On YouTube, you’ll find videos of adorable kittens, unusual food demos, hilarious scientific courses, quick fashion advice, and much more. You may find out what’s currently popular by using the platform’s algorithm and other services.

However, later, there was a time when the audience found their source of entertainment in one of the most viral short video format platforms called TikTok. But after its ban in June 2020, the creators who had gathered an enormous fan base had to shift to Instagram Reels around July 2020, and just a few months later, in September 2020, YouTube launched its YouTube shorts. YouTube shorts broke the internet. Well, kind of, at least for video creators. Almost overnight, there became another platform seriously worth posting on. With a fashionably late arrival, YouTube introduced its contender in the short-form content arena: YouTube Shorts. Aiming to grab a slice of the ever-popular short-form cake, YouTube entered the ring with determination, knowing it had some catching up to do.

Consider three digital behemoths, each with its own distinct set of capabilities and a vast user base, competing for the ultimate prize: your attention. It’s similar to the Hunger Games, but instead of bows and arrows, they’re armed with dancing, humor, and innovation. And, in the midst of all the content mayhem, a fantastic opportunity presents itself, particularly for newcomers seeking to earn followers and recognition at an unprecedented rate. YouTube Shorts became victorious in this fierce war for dominance by attaining rapid growth with short-form content. Now, compared to the creators who were once so active and bringing different long format videos, they have now been much more active bringing the Youtube shorts in a much simpler, faster, and more entertaining way.

But now, a question that strikes our minds is: has it created a dilemma for the content creators on Youtube to understand which format they should give their heart and sweat to?

Popular YouTuber and video blogger Sejal Kumar feels that both platforms are great in their own ways. However, speaking of herself, she says, “I was very regular on long-format video content and really loved it. But now, I have shifted my focus towards the shorts, and the cool thing about it is that you can post the same thing on Instagram as well, so I get to create one thing per week for both platforms. I found my way to being extremely creative with it and coming up with series like ‘One-Minute drama’. Potentially, I also get to use that for my music, and I’m having a lot of fun with it. Although people say that shorts have a lot of engagement and perform better than long format, I’m not sure if that is certainly true because I’ve seen long format videos doing extremely well, so it depends on the content.”

Certainly, with YouTube shorts, we’ve got to see so many more content creators bringing out the content in their own way since it’s supposedly much more accessible. “Although sometimes even I had fallen into that rapid hole, like when you’re just scrolling and you don’t realise that you’ve watched a lot and your head is aching. Honestly, I enjoy both, but if I want quick answers, quick entertainment shorts are created, but if I’m sitting with my food and have like 20–30 minutes just to chill, then a long-format video is better. For me, both of them are equally valuable. Both of the formats can have good engagement based on the content that you’re creating. There are so many creators who have amazing long-format videos and amazing engagement too. For each format, a different thing works, and if you do that and it works for you, then it’ll help,” shares Sejal, adding that looking at the editing POV, though long-format videos can be time-consuming, there are creators who have put in their best to even edit the shorts.

Meanwhile, Aiman, who is popularly known as Justaiming, explains that YouTube shorts and traditional long videos represent two different ways to engage with your audience on the platform. So how has it been post-YouTube shorts for her? Well, it’s been a game-changer! She says, “Shorts have been a savior on days when I couldn’t put together a full-length video. They’ve allowed me to stay connected with my viewers even when I don’t have a long-form masterpiece ready to go. It’s like having a quick, fun way to maintain that connection and entertain my audience without the pressure of a lengthy production. Before Shorts, I often felt the need to churn out longer videos, which could sometimes compromise quality for quantity. But now, Shorts gives me the freedom to be creative in just 60 seconds or less. It’s a breath of fresh air, letting me experiment and share my content in bite-sized, engaging snippets without the hassle of extensive editing or scripting.”

So basically, in a nutshell, YouTube Shorts has made content creation more flexible and fun for creators like her. Well, it’s not just about convenience; it’s also about keeping that connection with her audience alive, even on days when she’s short on time or ideas.

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