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‘Guv focusing only on faults’

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Never spoke good of us p Congress, BJP vying for runner-up position: Harish


State Finance and Health Minister T. Harish Rao expressed his displeasure and described the recent comments made by Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan on Twitter concerning Osmania Hospital as ‘politically charged’. He then sought to put the record straight with ‘factual information’.

Governor Tamilisai Sounderrajan had tweeted: “Concerned to see the dilapidated condition of the century old prestigious Osmania General Hospital. Pride of this citadel of learning &healing must be restored soon”.

Harish highlighted the extraordinary achievements in Telangana’s healthcare sector, particularly Kanti Velugu programme and improvements in medical facilities.”The Governor is doing politics and mudslinging on govt over Osmania Hospital. It is ironic and unfortunate that despite being a doctor, the Governor has so far has not encouraged the hardworking healthcare workers and staff. On the contrary, the Governor chooses to make political statements, which is unworthy of the Constitutional post, She never tweeted ‘Good job’ when Telangana won laurels from the central government,” he remarked.

Harish Rao clarified that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was the first to address concerns regarding the hospital. In July 2015, KCR visited the hospital, demonstrating his proactive approach. The government later announced an allocation of INR 200 crore for the construction of a new building, reaffirming its commitment to improving healthcare infrastructure. He said, “I wonder why the Governor chose to ignore positive developments and is indulging in nit-picking by raising this issue”.

Minister Harish Rao highlighted the findings of the expert committee, which had concluded that the current building was not suitable for running the hospital. In response to a court order, an independent committee comprising experts from IIT Hyderabad and the Archaeology Department Director confirmed the unsuitability of the building. The government has diligently presented these findings to the court, anticipating a positive decision.

The Kanti Velugu program, which examined a staggering 162 million people and distributed spectacles to 4.5 million individuals within 100 days, had garnered international acclaim. Harish Rao questioned why the Governor failed to acknowledge and appreciate this groundbreaking initiative and the dedication of the staff involved.

Harish Rao noted a decrease in outpatient numbers in major hospitals due to the local healthcare services provided by Basti Dawakhanas.Hedecried the Governor’s politically motivated criticisms. He stressed the importance of impartiality and fairness on the part of a person holding a constitutional position.

Harish Rao drew attention to the increase in dialysis centers from three to 102 and Telangana’s ascent to third position in the NITI Aayog rankings. He also mentioned the surgeries done free for the poor in hospitals like Gandhi, NIMS,and Osmania, reflecting the state’s commitment to inclusive healthcare.

In response to a question about the recent meetings of Congress and BJP leaders in Delhi, Harish Rao shared his thoughts on the achievements of Telangana under the leadership of KCR. He stated that Telangana currently held the top position among all states in the country across various domains. The Minister credited KCR for the state’s success, emphasizing that his visionary leadership had propelled Telangana to unparalleled heights. He asserted that Telangana surpassed any Congress- or BJP-ruled state, solidifying its status as a frontrunner in all fields.

Minister Harish Rao highlighted the need for Telangana-style schemes and initiatives across the nation. He shared an instance during a recent visit to Maharashtra, where the local police expressed their admiration for the incentives provided to the Telangana Police force. This, according to Minister Rao, is a testament to the effectiveness and popularity of Telangana’s welfare programs, which haveattracted the attention of, and appreciation from, other states.

The Minister firmly expressed his belief that the people of Telangana were intelligent and loyal in their commitment to KCR’s leadership. He dismissed the efforts made by the Congress and BJP leaders, asserting that their attempts were intended only to position themselves as contenders for the second place in the state.

Minister Harish Rao underscored the safety and stability enjoyed by the people of Telangana under KCR’s rule. There have been no curfews or riots in the state for the past nine years, showcasing the Chief Minister’s ability to provide a secure environment.

Telangana not only met its own requirements, but also supplied rice to larger states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. This, according to the Minister, is a testament to KCR’s transformative policies and the state’s agricultural success.

In conclusion, Harish Rao reiterated that Telangana’s success was a result of KCR’s leadership and the unwavering support of the people. Highlighting the government’s commitment to improving healthcare, Harish Rao mentioned the expansion of beds at NIMS Hospital from 900 to 1,500, with plans to further increase strength to 2,000 beds. He underscored the successful implementation of programs like KCR Kit and KCR Nutrition Kit, resulting in a significant reduction in maternal and child mortality rates. Telangana’s achievement of 100% hospital deliveries, as recognized by the Central Government, was also highlighted.

Harish emphasized the establishment of multiple medical colleges, surpassing the number established in the past two decades. Telangana now leds the country with 22 MBBS seats per 1 lakh population. The Governor failed to acknowledge these substantial advancements, he decried.

Harish Rao stated that proactive measures had been taken to control insect-borne diseases, with rural and urban development efforts showing positive results. He mentioned the distribution of 8 lakh rapid malaria detection kits and 1.23 lakh ELISA kits for dengue detection as part of the government’s disease control strategy. Additionally, blood component machines had been made available in 26 hospitals, enhancing healthcare services.

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