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IAS officers explore VPA’s modernisation initiatives

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In line with the Bharat Darshan initiative, a group of 16 conferred IAS Officers embarked on a visit to the Visakhapatnam Port Authority here on Monday. The visit was aimed at familiarising government officials with key institutions across the country and was led by Durgesh Kumar Dubey, Deputy Chairperson of the authority. The visiting officers were given an overview of the port’s infrastructure and modernisation efforts. They were introduced to the extensive facilities and operations of the Visakhapatnam Port, one of the largest and busiest ports in India.
During the visit, Deputy Chairperson Dubey delivered a detailed presentation highlighting the port’s investment opportunities, cargo handling methods, and its export/import profile. He also shed light on the ongoing modernisation and mechanisation efforts, emphasising the authority’s commitment to environment-friendly initiatives such as covered storage facilities, solar power utilisation, and sewage treatment plants.
The presentation also touched upon the authority’s smart port initiatives, which aim to enhance operational efficiency. The visiting IAS team engaged in interactive sessions with officials from the Visakhapatnam Port Authority. Heads of departments and senior officers of VPA actively participated in the discussions, enriching the exchange of insights and expertise.

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