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No more political press meets at Govt Circuit House

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In the wake of mounting criticism regarding the conversion of the Governor’s Bungalow into a political office for YSRCP, the district administration has finally responded. With the impending release of the election schedule, authorities have taken a decisive stance against the utilisation of the Governor’s Bungalow for political purposes.
Press conferences aimed at launching political accusations and criticisms within the premises of the Governor’s Bungalow, also known as the Government Guest House, will no longer be permitted, according to directives issued by the district administration to the circuit house manager. This directive came to light after Minister Gudivada attempted to organise a press conference at the Amarnath Circuit House regarding the alliance of Telugu Desam, Jana Sena, and BJP. However, the manager informed the minister that political press conferences are no longer allowed within the circuit house premises.
The conversion of the circuit house, centrally located in the city, into the YSRCP office has been a bone of contention for the past five years. Ministers, Members of Parliament, and leaders of the ruling party have utilised the space for political activities. Previously, MP Vijayasai Reddy, former in-charge of Uttarandhra, current in-charge YV Subbareddy, Minister Amarnath, and other leaders have utilised the Governor’s Bungalow platform to launch scathing attacks on the Opposition.
Lower-level leaders accompanying those in charge of Uttarandhra have been accused of occupying multiple rooms within the Governor’s Bungalow and treating it as their personal space. Notably, Subbareddy holds the sole leadership position for YSRCP in Uttarandhra following the conclusion of the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) chairman’s tenure. Questions have been raised regarding the district administration’s approval of meetings held by Subbareddy and other leaders at the Governor’s Bungalow.
Past allegations have surfaced regarding a lawyer, providing legal counsel to the government, who allegedly retained possession of a room within the circuit house for an extended period. Since assuming office, Amarnath has been actively engaging in political activities in Visakhapatnam, frequently organising press conferences at the circuit house to criticise the Opposition.
However, it is noteworthy that the district administration, which remained silent for many years, has suddenly taken action as the election schedule draws near. This recent move by the district administration signals a potential shift in the use of government premises for political activities, prompting speculation about the impact it may have on future political engagements within Visakhapatnam.

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