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Importance of AI in cracking cyber case stressed

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The Director of Telangana Cyber Security Bureau stressed the need for AI tools to tackle crimes effectively. Telangana is the first State to establish a fully functioning call centre for 1930, but is currently struggling with the large volumes of calls received everyday.
The Telangana Cyber Bureau call centre handles various aspects of law enforcement, including law and order, women’s police stations, traffic police stations, specialised wings such as the Special Branch, Task Force, Detective and Cyber Crime units, Narcotics, and Armed Reserves. It manages and processes complaints received through the helpline number 1930 under the Commissioner of Police.
It has emerged as one of the top five states in India for effectively freezing and holding the victims money in bank accounts belonging to the fraudsters.
Shika Goel, Additional DGP, Telangana, and Director of Telangana Cyber Security Bureau,  attended India’s premier AI & ML conference, AI Days 2024, themed ‘AI4Society at JNTU, Hyderabad on Saturday.
Addressing the audience, She said, There is no space or sector which is left untouched by the AI regime, She highlighted the widespread influence of AI from unauthorized cancellation of plane tickets of other person on the airlines, to impersonating as the CFO and withdrawing 25 million dollars, AI is also providing fertile space for the criminals to act, examples included incidents involving the italian prime minister and taylor swift.
She urged AI agencies to collaborate with each other and come up with new innovative solutions that can be useful and affordable to the society.
She welcoming AI agencies to visit the  cyber bureau to understand the challenges  and need of improvement in the usage of AI.

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