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KTR : Oppn can’t sit for 30 minutes in Assembly but demand for 30 days proceedings

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Minister KTR on Friday criticised the opposition parties. He was furious at the behavior of the opposition leaders in the Legislative Assembly.He criticized that they tell dialogues outside to hold the meeting for 30 days, but they do not have the patience to sit in the meeting for 30 minutes.

He said that a BAC meeting was held on Thursday on the conduct of assembly meetings. He said that the BJP leader had written a letter to hold the assembly meetings for 30 days, while the Congress party had demanded to hold them for 20 days.

It is to mention here that CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka fumed that the opposition parties do not even know how many days the Telangana assembly meetings will be held. He criticised that the government was holding random meetings and they were not informed about the agenda in the assembly.

Bhatti Vikramarka on Friday expressed extreme displeasure at the way the meetings were conducted. He lashed out at the ruling party saying that if the agenda is put on the table from time to time without giving information first, how can it be discussed.

The CLP leader expressed disappointment that the Speaker giving time to the opposition leaders during the question and answer session. He said that the questions and the answers are given by the leaders of the ruling party. Bhatti Vikramarka criticized that saying that the mic will be given only if the member’s name is present for the question is a violation of the rights of the legislators.


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