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Legendary TU142 aircraft finds new home

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In a historic moment, the renowned Indian Navy aircraft TU142, celebrated for its remarkable service, has found a new home as a museum at Kakinada. The inauguration ceremony, graced by Vanga Geetha Viswanath, MP of Kakinada, alongside esteemed MLAs and senior Naval Officers, marked a significant milestone in the nation’s maritime heritage. Situated against the backdrop of Kakinada’s picturesque coastline, the museum stands as a testament to India’s maritime prowess, joining the ranks of similar establishments in Vizag and Kolkata.
Commodore N Sudeep, Cmde (Aviation), ENC, captivated the audience with a nostalgic journey through the TU142’s illustrious 30-year tenure. From its origins at INS Hansa, Goa, to its later service at INS Rajali, Arakkonam, the aircraft played a pivotal role in India’s Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance Anti-Submarine Warfare operations.
The transition of the TU142 from active duty to a museum exhibit signifies not only its enduring legacy but also the Indian Navy’s unwavering commitment to preserving its rich history. As visitors explore its corridors, they are transported back to a bygone era of naval aviation, paying tribute to the dedication and sacrifices of those who served aboard this iconic aircraft. The TU142’s presence in Kakinada as a museum ensures that its legacy continues to inspire future generations, reminding all of the remarkable contributions of the Indian Navy to the nation’s defense and maritime heritage.

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