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Make your fitness effective with smart gym equipment

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K. Ramya Sree

The fitness industry is rapidly transforming all over the world, especially in India. The importance given to health and fitness is at an all-time high. In fact, the total revenue in the health and fitness industry is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022–2026) of 5.62%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$55.68m by 2026.

As gym owners and fitness centres began offering their services online, it became easier for Indians to incorporate fitness into their weekly routines. The outcome? During the lockdown, 84% of Indians attempted online fitness classes at least three times a week. According to recent studies, millennials in India spend on average INR 4,000 per month on wellness services and goods.

Equipment plays a key role in fitness. With the right equipment, you can achieve the desired body shape.

Prateek Sood, a trustee of Fit India Trust, has been in the fitness industry since 1992, opening over 2,000 gyms and selling nearly 2 million pieces of gym equipment (including outdoor and home use equipment) in more than 25 states. He speaks to us about the technological advancements in fitness equipment and more.

Speaking about bringing new equipments to the Indian audience, Prateek said, “Technological advancements in fitness equipment have fundamentally changed how people maintain their physical fitness. In the past, people had to manually keep track of their advancement and outcomes. On the other side, modern technology has made tracking progress and setting new marks simpler than ever. Similar to Advagym by Sony, it not only provides clients with fitness content but also allows them to track their workouts to make sure they are improving and pushing over their boundaries. Clients will be able to monitor their development wherever they complete their workouts. The Advagym app will also display clients’ exercise histories, enabling them to make the most of each session, enhance their outcomes, and maintain motivation as they work towards new, more challenging goals. The popularity of smart gym equipment is rising as a result of the more customised workouts it offers.”

What’s interesting about this brand is that they offer personalised best practices for each consumer’s needs on a global scale. He said, “The Fitness industry is changing rapidly with new and advanced features, we have been at the forefront of personalized best practices for each consumer’s needs on a global scale. Our goal is to build the finest relationships possible with our clients in the following year and to attract a large customer that represents a variety of institutions and businesses. With its recent cooperation with Advagym by Sony, which will take the fitness age to the next level by monitoring, directing, and aiding you in your training programme, we are taking steps to ensure the same legacy in the coming years.”

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