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Modi will go home

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.Dalit Bandhu, 35% reservation to women,

Mission Bhagiratha

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has predicted that by 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will go home and that they (BRS and non BJP parties) will go to Delhi.
He was speaking on Wednesday at the first high-profile public meeting of Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) in Khammam, with three sitting Chief Ministers – Pinarayi Vijayan of Kerala, Arvind Kejriwal of Delhi and Bhagwant Mann of Punjab in attendance. He was joined by CPI’s D Raja and former Uttar Pradesh CM Akhilesh Yadav.  KCR promised to remove agnipath, provide free current to farmers, Rythu Bandhu, Dalit Bandhu, drinking water and 35% reservation for women.

“After 2024, Modi will go home and we’ll go to Delhi. It is not impossible to dethrone the BJP government if everyone unites”, he said.  

KCR said that in two years, India will be made power cut free country if BRS come to power. “Farmers are committing suicides. Is this the way to rule the country?  They are looting the wealth of the nation.  NPAs have increased. Free power should be given.  Free power will be given to all farmers in India if BRS come to power. Rythu Bandhu will be implemented across India.”  

KCR said: “Modi says the government has no business, but we say the government has every business to protect the poor. Government has to do business and intervene”. It is estimated that about 80,000-1lakh people may have attended the meeting.

Stating that Dalit were poor in the country, KCR remarked: “25 lakh families will be given Dalit bandhu benefits in the country every year, if BRS is voted to power. Women empowerment help to grow the country. BRS proposes 35 per cent reservation to women in legislative bodies”.

KCR said the BJP government’s slogan is: ‘Socialise losses and privatise profits’ and added, “This is the BJP formula. Poor are looted… Modi will go home and we will ascend the Delhi seat. LIC will be saved. Rs 42 lakh crore assets with LIC.  Modi government is selling LIC,” KCR remarked, and called upon LIC agents to support BRS.

Speaking about inter-state water disputes, KTR said: “It is all because of the incompetence of the governments . No one is using intelligence to resolve issues. Today, Telangnaa is completing big projects. We should also free the country from all problems”.

KCR said, “Only question to the nation is: Shall we utilize water to address drinking water crisis and irrigation? To achieve this, BRS has been created.  Like Telangana movement, BRS will take up another movement in India to achieve the goals. Otherwise, we will not move forward. We are consuming more time on politic”

KCR said BRS will provide drinking water to all in the country in five years. “It is hurting me that politics take place every time. What is the aim of India?  India has lost direction.
KCR said, “The Modi government is selling the Visakha steel plant. BRS will save it from privatisation. IT and industry development will be taken up. ‘Make in India’ is a ‘joke in India’. Agneepath will be scrapped. Defence system disintegrated. BRS-led government will restore the old system. Religious hatred is growing.  We should promote religious tolerance.  We should unite and BRS will work for India’s development”.

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