Sunday, April 21, 2024

Monday Mirchi : Apna time aayega

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No mistake can be deemed or presumed small when the roving eye reviewing it is that of the Big Boss. Chief Minister Revanth Reddy’s occasional reviews have become a constant source of tension for officials. Each such review sends shivers down the spine of officials painted in bad light. For, the reviews are followed invariably by a punitive transfer. After 100 days of governance, it seems like the dust has settled. Much to the relief of officials settling down in the new regime, CM Revanth Reddy has halted probe against officials en masse. He said: “If someone does something wrong, we will order a probe when the time comes. We cannot order inquiry on all officials at one time”. Now, officials are divided on whether their time has come. They know apna time aayega; but are also aware of the stark reality that the next three months would be a testing time for even those who are on good terms with the powers that be, leave alone the black sheep. With the Model Code of Conduct kicking in on Friday, Revanth Reddy has watered down his personal involvement and left governance per se to officials, including the task of ensuring that water is brought from Karnataka to meet any shortfall. God forbid, if this summer is pathetic, and if a mini-Bengaluru happens in Hyderabad as well, some officials will be made scapegoats.

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