Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Police action and politico’s memory

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Politicians, when not in power, learn to take police highhandedness in their stride and may or may not forget the insulting behaviour of cops in the line of duty.  BRS working president and outgoing IT Minister K T Rama Rao often banters Cyberabad Commissioner of Police Stephen Raveendra on how the CP had once torn his shirt. Going down the memory lane on Deeksha Diwas, KTR recounted that Stephen Raveendra had torn his shirt during his arrest then. “All the buttons were gone”, he added for good measure. Mortified Raveendra would say he was just doing his job and offer to send him a shirt. KTR would respond, saying: “there is more than shirt to give”. Well, Stephen has not been on good terms with Revanth. Hopefully, he will have similar rapport with his new political bosses.

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