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polls to local bodiesCong leaders yearning to prove their mettle

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Following a statement issued by Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy that local bodies elections would be held after the conclusion of all phases of MP elections, the Congress rank and file are in a jubilant mood.
The government has plans to conduct the local body polls after the June 4 counting of the MP elections.
Revanth Reddy went on record several times stating that the local Congress leaders who worked hard to get the party nominee get good majority would be given priority in fielding them in local bodies polls.
Therefore, the local body leaders have been tightening their belts to test their luck in the local bodies elections.
In addition to the village panchayats, elections are going to be held for GHMC, MPTC, ZPTC, municipalities and municipal corporations.
The Congress leaders are also busy mobilising funds to meet the election expences. There are over 12,769 panchayats in the State and over 88,000 wards in Telangana. There are over 5,857 MPTC and 539 ZPTC vacancies are there in the State.
There are over 140 municipalities and municipal corporations.
The quota decided by the BRS at the time of the last panchayat elections will be in vogue for two terms, according to the Panchayat Raj Act.
One term of the village panchayats has been over. The Congress in its election manifesto has declared that it would conduct caste-based census once it comes to power in Telangana. Upon coming to power, it took a decision at its Cabinet meeting to conduct the caste-based census and has allocated Rs 150 crore for the purpose.
The government has been making arrangements to conduct the census once the code of conduct is over. The officials say that the reservations for local bodies elections will undergo change with the implementation of the caste-based census.
The Congress came to power in Telangana after 10 years of formation of the new State. During the past 10 years, the local Congress leaders are deprived of any position. At some places Congress leaders won in the local bodies elections during the past decade, but they had to cross over to the BRS due to pressure from the BRS leaders.
Now many erstwhile Congress leaders returned to their parent party. They are keen to prove their mettle in local body elections.

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